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New Photos! September 8, 2011 By Danny Norwood     Lake Prestwood Photo Gallery on Photobucket

About the Lake

Lake Prestwood is located in Hartsville South Carolina very close to a larger lake called HB Robinson.  Both lakes impound the waters of Black Creek.   Based on my personal observations and comparisons with other known size lakes, I estimate the size of Lake Prestwood to be about 330-450 acres in size.  This lake was originally designed to serve the Sonoca Products Company.   The public relations office can be contacted at 864-383-7425. The Lakeview Motel is located along the shoreline of Lake Prestwood.   Public access to the lake is provided at Lawton Park in Hartsfield SC.  This park is a City of Hartsfield facility. 

I visited this lake September 8, 2011.  This lake turned out to be one of the most scenic small lakes in South Carolina.  The lake has dark water with lily pads growing along the shoreline and a very sandy bottom. The trees which grow along the shoreline are swollen at the base of the tree trunks.  I have posted some photos below which show some of these beautiful trees.  I did not see any boaters on the lake during my visit, however kayak rentals are available at Lawton Park where these photos were taken. 

In addition to Lake Prestwood, the Hartsville area includes Lake HB Robinson, Cheraw State Park, Carolina Sand Hills National Wildlife Refuge, Sand Hills State Forest, Darlington NASCAR Race Track, and Sugarloaf Mountain Recreation Area. Cheraw State Park and Carolina Sand Hills both have small lakes open to the public.  You can easily spend several days visiting all of these places.  

During my visit to Hartsfield South Carolina, I stayed at the Fairfield Inn by Marriot. The room was in excellent condition and the service was outstanding.  I highly recommend staying at this fine hotel.         

Hartsville Chamber of Commerce 843-332-6401


    Photos by Danny Norwood - September 8, 2011  


A South Carolina Fishing License is required to fish this lake. 

LAKE PRESTWOOD VIDEO shot from Lawton Park Hartsville SC


Lake Prestwood - City of Hartsville

Lawton Park - Lake Prestwood

Hartsville Chamber of Commerce


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