Wonderful Lake Becky

South Carolina is one of the states in the southeastern United States, attracting locals and tourists with magnificent views and landscapes in South Carolina. The total area of state water resources is more than 1,779 km². It is noteworthy that all water bodies have a high level of environmental safety and natural purity.

Lake Becky is one of them. The area of the lake is 90 acres, 1650 feet high above sea level. The lake is in the Tugalu watershed.

Wonderful Lake Becky

About Lake Becky

The history of the Lake Becky   goes far in 1955. At this time, the development of the dam project on the Chauga stream has begun. This project was led by the Bonner family. Sometimes the locals called the lake “Mountain Lake”. However, as a result, in 1981, the US Council decided to recognize the reservoir as “Lake Becky”. That was the name of the granddaughter of Mr. Bonner, who was engaged in the private dam project.

The lake has a sandy and rocky bottom. Basic characteristics Lake Becky:

  • depth about 97 meters
  • length is 30 miles
  • width is 17 miles

Law and rules

The lake is a great place to swim in clear water. In some places, the bottom is sandy and somewhere rocky. It is better to go into the water in special shoes to avoid injury.

If you want to fish, Lake Becky provides opportunities for this. Fishing on the lake is allowed. To do this, you must obtain a special license. The procedure for obtaining a license is determined by the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources.

Fish in the lake

The most popular fish in Becky’s ozone is the striped bass or striped larnaca. This fish likes rocky bottom. For this reason, she was nicknamed the rocky fish.

Larnaca is a popular among anglers. Fishermen often organize competitions, as only a professional and the best angler is able to catch such a fish. To make fishing productive, you can see the convenient time when the fish will be most active. You can find it on the website of the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources table.

Wonderful Lake Becky

Pleasure and rest

The Becky is a perfect for family and personal holidays. Here you can rent a boat and enjoy the scenery. The beach of the lake has a sandy character and is suitable for swimming. In summer, the average water temperature in the lake reaches 20 degrees.

If you are hungry or just want to drink hot coffee or refresh yourself with soft drinks, then you can visit the bar and restaurant located in the lake.

During the seasonal time on Lake Becky, you can go golfing at Sky Valley.

The organizers of the club have a contact number and a website with detailed information indicated at the end of the article. For lovers of mountain holidays, there is an opportunity to camp at Cherry Hill for a long time and live in a tent camp with other travelers.


Lake Becky has a common border with Ocony State Park, passing in the northeast. There you can also meet Chattooga Lake, Mountain Rest Lake, and Crystal Lake. All of them are artificially created. However, The Becky is the biggest among them. For the residents of the lake district, Okkoni Park has various services for comfortable rest. You can walk on foot, go water skiing and go hiking.

Wonderful Lake Becky

Property options

The territory of the lake has an excellent selection of houses for rent for a day or longer. For example, renting a house for a day will be from 20 to 30 dollars, depending on the number of people and living conditions.
Reservations can be made within 48 hours of the donation date. It will cost you $ 7.5.

On the real estate market, deals in the Becky’s area are very popular and have high demand. Here you can buy a plot with a house for the price of 75,000 dollars. You will be within walking distance of the lake and enjoy the views of the mountains from the 2nd floor of the house.

Wonderful Lake Becky

Buying a house with a lake in your personal territory will be more expensive. A newer building with a territory of 1.8 acres with the National Forest Border, a lake in the courtyard, mountains and a view of the lake and sunset  will cost $300,000. Spending even such a lot of money you will never give about such an acquisition.

Wonderful Lake Becky

How to get there

Lake Becky is located 6.4 miles from Walhalla, Okonni County. Local connecting roads from SC-107 lead to Lake Becky.

Useful information

All the necessary information and contacts that are useful to you, you can find the links below:

http://www.dnr.sc.gov  – South Carolina Department of Natural Resources.

http://recreation.gov/  – Cherry Hill Camping

http://skyvalleycountryclub.com/  – Sky Valley Golf Club

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