Goose Creek Lake

South Carolina has on its territory an abundance of water resources as lakes, rivers and
reservoirs. In this state are placed 11 species of lake and reservoir of the country. You cannot go past the Goose Creek Lake, located in the south of Berkeley County. There are important government facilities of the Navy not far from the lake. Here they study space and naval systems.

Lake Crowfield and Lake Plantation are the nearest neighbors of Goose Creek. The lake area has reached 600 acres. The sandy coastline of the reservoir stretches more than 10 miles.

Goose Creek Lake

History of lake

It can be argued that the lake was created in the 1970s. During this period, Indian settlements were formed on the territory of the city of Gus Creek. They sought protection among the colonists who lived here. At first, people lived mostly off the banks of the Cooper River. Then the need to create a reservoir came, as the river resources were already insufficient for such a large population. So there was a reservoir Goose Creek. It was named after the city itself.

Lake Goose Creek parameters:

  • Depth about 6-8 feet
  • Length is 7 miles
  • Average width is 0,3 miles
  • Square 600 acres

In the southern part of the lake John R Bettis Boat Landing Park is located. The entrance to the park is free at any time of the year. It is a great place to go hiking and cycling.

Rules and restrictions

Goose Creek is often very windy and it is dangerous for boating. Before you go to the lake, make sure that the weather conditions do not create a danger for you to rest.
If weather conditions are not suitable for rest and walks, the park remains open for entry, but boating is prohibited.

Fishing information

For those who love to fish, the lake provides opportunities for this type of activity. Like all South Carolina water resources, Goose Creek is under control of the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources. To obtain a fishing permit, you must contact the department to obtain a license. These measures are carried out in order to protect the fauna of reservoirs from unauthorized interference of poachers.

Goose Creek Lake

Fish species in the lake

As is known, the most common fish in South Carolina are representatives of freshwater ray-finned. Crappie dwells here. There are white and chen species. Also, the inhabitant of these waters is the Small perch. It reaches 3 kg of weight and is very much appreciated by fishermen throughout America.

Things to do on vacation

Lake Goose Creek is a great option to go on a picnic at the weekend or go on holiday with your family for a few weeks.

Here you can rent a boat or catamaran and ride, enjoying the beautiful scenery. The cost of rent is better to check with the administration on site.

The tributary of the Cooper River flows into the lake and if you want to go boating on a river, you can also do it.

Goose Creek Lake

Parks and ponds

A 15-minute drive from the Lake Goose Creek is located Sunrise Mobile Home Park. It is a great place for a romantic walk or a holiday with children. You can feed the pigeons, ride bikes and rollerblades. There is a rental of necessary equipment. Going to the southeastern part of the lake, you can visit John R Bettis Boat Landing Park. This is one of the best parks for leisurely boating on the water.

Goose Creek Lake
The website of Sunrise Mobile Home Park will be in the end of article.

Rental and purchase of real estate

Undoubtedly, on Goose Creek you can have a wonderful rest from the city rush. The entrance to the park is free for everyone. There are no campgrounds here. Therefore, the opportunity to stay here for a few days is missing. Therefore, it is a great option for a short weekend. In the spring and summer, there is a high season with d a lot of rest. The lake is located in a favorable area for living. The surrounding area has a well-developed infrastructure.

The stealth market offers a large number of homes for a wide range of customers. House prices are high. So a 4-bedroom brick house has a price of 260,000. And this is one of the available housing options. A house with 5 bedrooms on 3 floors with a view of the lake costs about 400,000 dollars.

Goose Creek Lake

How to get there

Goose Creek is easily accessible by car. Not far from the territory in the west there are the US 52 highway and a convenient road junction. There are no difficult sections on the route, so there will be no problems on the way. In the east, you need to go to Foster Creek Road. It will directly lead to the lake.

Useful information

These are the most useful resources. Here you can find all the necessary contacts.  South Carolina Department of Natural Resources.  Homes For Purchase   The website is about trails and roads to the lake Sunrise Mobile Home Park

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