Lake Monticello – designed for fishing


Lake Monticello is located near Columbia. It is owned by the same company, who also own and manage Lake Murray. The lake covers about 7000 acres and includes a 300 acre sub-impoundment area, designed for fishing.


About the Lake Monticello

This lake is located near Columbia (the state capital).  Monticello is owned and managed by the South Carolina Electric and Gas Company, who also own and manage Lake Murray, a 50,000 acre reservoir.  Lake Monticello covers about 7,000 acres.

The lake includes a 300 acre sub-impoundment area. That was designed for fishing, boating and swimming. Lake Monticello does not impound a river, but instead impounds a creek. It receives water from the Broad River. From Parr Reservoir, a nearby lake also owned by South Carolina Electric and Gas Company. Monticello is a great catfishing and crappie lake.

You must have a South Carolina fishing license to fish. You can find bait & tackle at Glenns Campground located near the lake.


  • Project Management:  SCE&G
  • Major Highway Access:  SC Highways 99 * 215 *257
  • Dam Completion: 1978
  • Size: 7,100 Acres (including a 300 acre subimpoundment)
  • Shoreline: 51 miles
  • Full Pool Elevation:  425 Feet above MSL

Fish Species

  • Largemouth Bass
  • Catfish
  • Sunfish

Lake House Rentals Available on Lake Moticello

If you have one, just contact us to list it here.


Lake Monticello on google maps


More photos of the Monticello Lake



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