Lake Rabon – Laurens County

Lake Rabon is 540 acre lake located in Laurens County.  It has a park with a boat ramp, fishing pier, and picnic shelters.

Lake Rabon - Laurens County

About Lake Rabon

Lake Rabon is located¬†Laurens County¬†about five miles south of Hickory Tavern.¬† The lake was built in 1990 on Rabon Creek.¬† Rabon covers an area of about 546 acres with a maximum depth of 27 feet and a mean depth of 13 feet.¬† Lake Rabon’s primary purpose is to provide the city of Laurens with water service.¬†Rabon is owned by Laurens Water & Sewer Commission.¬†This lake is surrounded by some very nice private homes, but does have a park that is open to public access.¬† Lake Rabon is located just off of South Carolina Highway 252 near the city of Laurens¬†and has a large sign posted at the entrance to the¬†park .¬† ¬†

The park is full of everything needed for a day of recreation.  The park has a double boat ramp, swings including porch swings, large covered picnic areas with large grills, and an amazing hillside view of the lake.  In addition, there is a fishing pier that can accommodate a large number of people.   

The fishing pier is ideal for taking the children fishing. There is a fish bouy located about 15 foot from the pier with submerged brush there to attract the fish.  The pier also has plenty of benches to sit on.   

For boating, you will need a permit.¬† The price for an out of county boat permit is $ 35.00 and can be purchased at the Lake Wardens Office located at the lake.¬† A photo of the warden’s office appears below .¬†¬†¬†¬†


  • You must purchase a boat permit¬†to go boating on this lake.¬† Price of permits depend on county or residence
  • Permits are available at the Wardens Office located at the lake
  • Only boats with less than 10 horsepower and less than 18 feet long are allowed on this lake
  • Largemouth Bass must be a minimum of 12 inches to be taken from the lake
  • No bank fising allowed except for the fising pier
  • No swimming allowed
  • Avoid walking on the grass

More Photos of Lake Rabon
Lake Rabon - Laurens County Lake Rabon - Laurens County Lake Rabon - Laurens County Lake Rabon - Laurens County Lake Rabon - Laurens County Lake Rabon - Laurens County


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  1. Clarence Droddy

    on lake Rabon can I remove the prop on a 17′ foot boat and just use the trolling motor to fish?

    1. Thomas D Price

      I know you can use a 15 hp outboard engine on a boat with a larger engine if you remove the prop from the large engine. The game warden told me that.

  2. Thomas D Price

    You may now have a 15 hp on boats and 30hp on pontoons.

  3. robert s dunaway

    i have a 16 ft bass buggy with a 50 hp can remove the prop and used the trolling motor

  4. James

    Why not just impose a speed limit instead of HP limit? Many small fishing boats have 60HP engines from the dealer. Would love to fish this and would be happy to just idle around to get to places.